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Mayor’s column 16 November

What have I learned this week?

  • That Frome was a thriving centre of textile production, growing fields of wode that dyed the cloth blue and at the hight of the textile production there were probably more people living in Frome than in Bath
  • That electric cars, and vans are definitely the future; electric bikes can be both a motor bike or push bike and some are made in Frome
  • That young people suffer increasingly from mental health symptoms and that there is diminishing support for them
  • Even today many feel that a mental health condition is shameful
  • Watching Frome’s children march in uniform makes me sad, I don’t want a world that sends its young to fight and die or be injured for peace
  • Standing next to a survivor of the Normandy landings is precious and a privilege
  • Remembering the deaths, sacrifice and casualties of war makes me cry even if I don’t know, or have ever personally known, those that fought in The First Word War.
  • All over town there are kind, gentle people, that don’t ask for thanks or praise or publicity but they set up and keep going the many many groups that meet to just be social or have some fun or teach a skill or feed an interest or remember those who fought for us
  • All over town, Frome Town Council Rangers are planting bulbs this week
  • That this time of year, the harvest time, is the opportunity to gather thoughts as well as crops… farmers and gardeners plan for spring planting, a good time for me or you to make plans or dream of what to do next
  • Mary Oliver’s poem’s The Summer Day has a last line challenge to pin up and remember ‘What will you do with your one wild and precious life?’
16 November 2017
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23 January 2021
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