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Mayor’s Column 10 October 2019

As Deputy Mayor, I’m standing in for Mark Dorrington to manage his mayoral duties while he’s away on holiday for the next three weeks, so please wish me luck! I have tremendous admiration for all the hard work Mark puts into being the Mayor and I know it’s appreciated by the many people who request his presence at so many local functions. As his deputy, I cover a lot of the events when it’s impossible for Mark to be in two places at once, and this week has been no exception.

On Monday, I visited The Women’s Shed, at the Welshmill Hub, to talk to the women who were busy creating a beautiful wooden rocking horse which will eventually be used in their fundraising exercises. Someone was busy creating a puppet doll for fun, another lady was sanding down a wonderful piece of cherry tree to make a notice board, and several women were cutting out and sewing bunting for Frome Town Council’s community bunting project. If you’re any good at cutting out, or you have skills with a sewing machine, why not pop in on a Monday morning for a cuppa and lend a hand, they’d love to see you!

Thursday evening presented an opportunity to visit Make Shed, which caters for 18-35yr olds, who are keen to learn new skills in a safe environment and socialise with other like minded people. I walked into a great atmosphere and was impressed by Josh who was demonstrating his skills at carving green wood, which everyone was keen to learn. The group is enthusiastically run by Leah and Cassie, supported by Amelia from Edventure, and calls on its members to throw out ideas of what they’d like to learn next. If you, or anyone you know falls into this category and would like to learn how to make things, this would be the group for you. It’s also run at The Welshmill Hub on Park Hill Drive.

On Saturday Frome celebrated the Frome Fiver Fest where many of the town’s shops offered items or services for a fiver! It was a great success and some great bargains were had around the town, and of course it all helps to promote shopping locally, by supporting all our wonderful businesses and our independent shops.

P.S. Don’t forget to keep shopping locally!

10 October 2019
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23 January 2021
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