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Mayor’s column 10 June 2021

It’s been an absolutely stunning week weather wise; I hope you’ve all had a chance to catch some rays, relax and enjoy it. Frome always looks so beautiful in the blazing sun!

I’ve been an incredibly busy boy since taking the chains I’m pleased to inform you. Saturday saw my Deputy Sara invite me down to the market for a walk around the stalls. I’m always so taken by the vibe and the atmosphere the market creates and after all the restrictions of the last 12-15 months it was great to feel a sense of our community in action. I’d like to thank Katy’s Kitchen for kindly giving me a spicy bean pasty, it was absolutely to die for. Shout out to the boys on the legendary cheese stall, the guys in The Silver Fox, Liam’s Cakes and all the other great businesses who bring something fun and special to the table.

The 6th of June brought with it the 77th anniversary of the D-Day landings, on this day the young men of our finest generation put aside all their earthly ambitions, hopes and dreams to step into living hell in defence of lives we now enjoy and often take for granted. We owe them our appreciation and gratitude. I feel I would be remiss in my civic duty if I did not invite you to take a moment for reflection and thanks, to acknowledge the vast potential, talent, and intellect the nation lost that day. I often wonder how the course of human history changed on days in the war such as this. Who would have these young men become were they not cut down by a hail of heavy machine gun fire on the beaches of Normandy that day? Who would have lived to change the world in other ways had they not had to step off that landing craft and storm the beach? Who would deeper reverberation through time? We’ll never know, but I am always humbled and moved when I’m reminded that the freedom to follow my heart and conquer the things, I wish to achieve were made possible by the ultimate sacrifice of countless other young men just like me, many better men than myself, I’m sure.

I’d like to wrap up this column on a positive story. On Monday I popped into The Good Heart on the High Pavement where I enjoyed a delicious lunch of chickpeas, rice, spinach, and dahl while I caught up with local legend Radek Evans. Radek was the recipient of a Mayor’s civic award recently for all the incredible efforts he makes around the town. Radek has set up a pop-up clothes and accessories shop in the back of The Good Heart called “Radek’s Fab Fashion” and all the proceeds will be going to 3 Frome charities: Fair Frome, Active and In Touch and Frome Carnival. Much of Fab Fashion’s stock is brand new but there are plenty of pre-loved bargains to be found at very reasonable prices. Radek and his pop-up store are only there for a limited time so please head up to The Good Heart, grab some lunch and pick up a tweed/denim jacket or whatever takes your fancy. So much effort and energy has been put into this and it would mean the world to me if you could all pop in and show it the love, Frome style.

10 June 2021
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10 June 2021
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