Market Place Improvements Phase 2

Frome Town Council has developed plans for the next phase of the Market Place improvements to be completed in 2019.

You can see the plans online here or stop by Frome Town Hall to see an exhibition of the plans and share your comments and questions with us. 

An exhibition was held between 8-22 November along with two drop in sessions when the Project Team where on hand to answer specific questions. Local residents were also encouraged to share their comments on the plans for the next phase in particular in regards to the proposed options for street furniture.

For more information please watch this short video or take a look at some of the frequently asked questions below.

Market Place Improvements Phase 2:  Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is proposed for the next phase of the Market Place improvements?

The main elements include:
Realignment of the bus laybys so that buses can park off the road.
Better bus shelters for bus users.
Enhancement of the existing informal and uncontrolled crossing points by installing wider pavements and coloured road surfacing where pedestrians regularly cross now (the existing zebra and pelican crossings will remain).
Improving the footpaths.
A new loading bay outside The George and some adjustment to but no reduction of the disabled parking spaces.
New seating and planting.

  • Why are we doing it?

Earlier consultation has suggested that it is important for us to address the congestion caused by the alignment of the bus stops in the Market Place, to make the area more pedestrian friendly and a more attractive place to shop, work, live and visit.

  • What status will the enhanced and informal crossing points have?

As is current practice, those using these crossings will need to either cross when the road is quiet or will need to gain the attention of drivers to allow them to cross typically when traffic has slowed.

  • How will these crossings make it easier for pedestrians to cross?

By widening the pavements, we will shorten the crossing distances in these locations and by providing additional road markings we will alert drivers to the fact the these are popular informal crossing points.

  • How do we know that the crossing proposals are safe?

They have already been the subject of a thorough safety audit by Somerset County Council as Highway Authority who have indicated that they consider that the proposals are safe.

  • What will happen to the existing zebra crossing in Cork Street, and the pelican crossing in the Market Place?

These crossings will remain in position as it is recognised that they are already well used and not everyone will wish or is able to use the informal crossings.

  • How will removing the railings help to make the Market Place more pedestrian friendly?

The railings constrain pedestrian movement in this area and there is also the concern that many people already try to cross the road by walking around the railings where there is a potential for people to get trapped between vehicles and the railings.

The railings will be replaced by carefully positioned bollards that are designed to protect pedestrians on the pavement.

  • When is the next phase of work taking place?

The plan is for work to start in 2019 on a date to be confirmed.  Before work can start planning consent from Mendip District Council, as the planning authority, will be needed.  At this stage, it is uncertain as to how long it will take before planning permission is granted.

  • How are we planning to minimise disruption during construction?

The work will be undertaken in phases.
Traffic management arrangements will keep queuing to a minimum.
The Market Place will remain open for through traffic and all car parks will remain accessible.
Arrangements will be made to enable customers to access businesses and ATMs whilst the work is in progress.
Temporary bus stops will be created to enable buses to continue to operate in the Market Place, the precise locations to be confirmed.

  • How much will it cost?

This will depend on the outcome of the engagement exercise, negotiations with the Highway Authority, the planning process and tendering.

  • What is the proposed material specification?

In most of the new paved areas we propose to use Tegula Pennant Grey, a concrete block type of paving which is designed to match the Welsh Pennant slabs laid in the Boyle Cross area and the existing paved area outside Costa and Superdrug.  The exception to this arrangement will be on the junction of Stony Street and Market Place and between this junction and the bottom of Bath Street, where natural Welsh Pennant Stone (slabs and setts) will be used.  It is also proposed that Welsh Pennant setts will be laid in the disabled and loading bays and on the junction of King Street and Market Place where pedestrians cross.  New bollards will be ‘Knot Mill’ to match existing bollards on Boyle Cross. See illustration below which is an extract from the Town Hall exhibition.

See a visualisation of the plans here.

Share your thoughts on street furniture here.