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Let’s Talk this spring

‘Let’s Talk’ is a group of Frome residents who believe that, with help, we can all tackle tricky conversations that will leave us all feeling heard and hopeful. The hints and tips the group offer can be used in all sorts of situations: working through neighbourhood disputes, talking to family members or friends or collaborating at work.

A member of the group was recently able to put into action the approach they had learnt, they said: “Learning about these skills gave me the confidence to take on a tricky conversation around a family situation that I had been putting off for years. Just keeping in mind a few of these tools while I did it, helped it go so much better. And now that the tension has been addressed, we’re all a lot more ‘ourselves’ with each other. I wish I had learnt about this years ago!’

The group meet regularly to practice their skills and develop ways to share them in their community. They have hosted events and webinars in the past and now have a series of further sessions this spring.

On Thursday 4th May at the Cheese and Grain, they will be holding an introductory session from 7pm – 9pm, it will provide attendees with some concrete tools and relevant real-life examples.

The group are hosting two further in-depth sessions to which all are welcome, regardless of whether they have attended an introductory session or not. These will run over consecutive Saturday mornings on 10th June and 17th June (10am-1pm) at Frome Town Hall and offer a broad introduction to the restorative approach, with lots of examples and practical strategies to learn and share.

Charlotte Calkin, from the Restorative Engagement Forum, will bring her expertise and energy to guide attendees through the June sessions and will provide them with a firm grasp of what the approach can offer and provide a gateway to further involvement with the Let’s Talk group if required.

Visit the Let’s Talk pages for more information about the group and how to book onto the sessions.

21 April 2023
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21 April 2023
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