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Hints, tips and information this winter

It’s getting chilly out there, folks!

Winter tends to mean colder weather – including snow and ice. It pays to take care when you’re out & about at this time of year – whether that’s your commute to work or an afternoon in the park.

This page includes some handy tips to help you stay safe and warm this winter, as well as lots of information about who is looking after local areas over the winter months.

In the same way that lots of organisations work together to keep the town clean, there are lots of people involved in keeping the town as accessible and safe as possible when the winter weather sets in.

Who does what?

Somerset County Council is responsible for the highway winter service in Somerset.

They grit and maintain most of the road network in and around Frome. The major exception is the A36, which is looked after by Highways England.

Find out more about SCC’s work over the winter months here and here. They have a useful booklet about gritting the highways during snow and icy conditions here Your Guide to Winter Services 17/18

Mendip District Council is responsible for keeping most of the town clean and tidy – including clearing fallen leaves from paths. This work is currently contracted out to The Landscape Group. As part of the same contract, ID Verde also delivers a snow clearance service that includes precautionary salting and gritting of car parks, footpaths and pavements.

Frome Town Council

We look after most of Frome’s parks & green spaces. In winter our priority is to make the key routes in and around these spaces as safe as possible as quickly as possible.

We also look to support the County Council & MDC in particularly bad weather where priorities for the town change.

So while we aim to get round all of our spaces and places as quickly as possible, please bear with us!

It’s also worth planning things in advance – even a quick journey to the shop!

General Hints & Tips

  •  Don’t assume that roads, footpaths and public spaces have been gritted!
  •  Allow yourself more time for your journeys
  • Check the weather before leaving the house www.metoffice.gov.uk
  • Plan your journey ahead of time if the weather is going to be challenging
  • Dress for the weather – warm and waterproof. Take extra layers with you in the car or in a bag just in case
  • If you’re walking or cycling then wear sensible and suitable footwear. If you’re driving have a sensible pair of shoes or boots spare
  • Check bus and train timetables for cancellations and delays
  • You can find the latest travel news for trains here
  • You can contact the local Bus service providers FIRST here and FARESAVER here
  • You can keep up to date with SCC gritting using Twitter here @travelsomerset.
  • You can find helpful tips here about driving in severe weather conditions here 

Clearing Snow – Get involved

Clearing snow and ice from the pavement outside your home or in public spaces can help prevent slips and falls.

Check out The Snow Code for a list of tips and advice on how to clear snow in your neighbourhood and look after others in your community.

  • Always use road salt or sand – never use water to melt snow
  • Try not to get salt on plants or grass, as it may damage vegetation
  • Pay extra attention to clearing snow and ice from steps and steep pathways – you might need to use more salt on these areas

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