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Healthy Homes this summer

With summer in full swing and hot sunny days in abundance, you might think talking about wall insulation and the like isn’t relevant for this time of year, but did you know that it is an option for keeping your home cool? And luckily the Centre for Sustainable Energy has a whole host of further hints and tips on ways to keep your home cooler in the summer months.

Did you know for example, that the average electric fan uses less than 100 watts of energy so costs around 3p per hour to run?  Energy Advisor Will said: “We know for a lot of people every penny spent on energy counts. We regularly hear from people worried to turn their fan on because they’re concerned about how much energy it’s going to use.”  CSE also suggest creating some makeshift air con to stay cool in the hot weather.  Freezing a water bottle and placing it in a room helps or placing it in front of the fan will provide a much fresher air circulation.

Ian, CSE’s director of Household Energy Services says they talk a lot about wall insulation: “It’s such an important part of saving energy and keeping warm. But a well-insulated and ventilated home will actually help with keeping the heat out too. If you’re able to invest in insulation do so, just make sure ventilation is considered at the same time.”

The Healthy Homes team run by Frome Town Council, their Energy Advice Volunteers and Frome Medical Practice work with the Centre for Sustainable Energy and provide regular drop-in sessions at Frome Library. The next ones will be held on Wednesday 9th August and Wednesday 20th September, from 10am – 4pm.

Jo Morris, Frome Town Council’s Resilience Officer said: “The sessions provide free and impartial advice so why not pop by for a chat on the upcoming dates.  Whether it’s help with keeping your home cool in summer or if you’re thinking ahead about making some changes to keep your home warmer this winter, please drop by and chat to the team.”

Find further tips on keeping cool on the CSE website,

Visit the Healthy Homes website for further information about the drop-in sessions.

17 July 2023
Last Updated
14 July 2023
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