FTC bans glyphosate with immediate effect following fresh approach at last night’s Council meeting

In order to encourage more people to get involved in decision making, Frome Town Council has broken from tradition and banned the ‘top table’. Cllrs and the public sat with each other and discussed the issues on the agenda.  People shared their views – and collective decisions were made.

The main item for discussion was the ever more controversial use of the weed-killer called Glyphosate.  While this weed-killer is used extensively by many gardeners there are suspected health risks associated with glyphosate.  After a good discussion, it was decided that FTC will not use glyphosate in future, and agreed to talk to Mendip District Council & Somerset County Council about their use of glyphosate in Frome.

We also agreed to discuss with the allotment association and neighbouring parishes their use of glyphosate in future.

Crowdfunding was a highlight on the agenda – as it has such potential to raise funds for exciting projects collaboratively with FTC and the public.  It was agreed, FTC is to investigate further its possible use in future for projects in the town.

Feedback from the meeting was very positive, with most people preferring this informal approach.

More information on the ban will follow.