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Frome and its twin towns gather in Chateau-Gontier

The annual quadripartite meeting of Frome and its twin towns, Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne in France, Rabka-Zdrój & Rötha in Poland and Murrhardt in Germany, takes place from 28th to 30th June, hosted by Chateau-Gontier. Frome will be represented by former Mayor Philip Campagna, who will also joining members of Frome Town United’s youth squad at a football tournament in Murrhardt the following week. Philip said “It’s an honour to represent Frome once again, along with my wife Karin, and hear what’s been going on for our twin towns. The friendship between our four communities, and the opportunity twinning offers to learn more about each other, share ideas and enjoy new cultural experiences is hugely important and hugely beneficial for everyone involved. We learn that we are different and also not very different at all! We need to develop new partnerships between our communities – cultural, arts and music, sporting, social and economic, that will attract and engage a new younger generation. This will enable them to work collaboratively on mutually beneficial projects and help them develop as caring and aware citizens”

Frome was officially twinned with Château-Gontier in 1975. Twinning with Murrhardt followed in 1983.The official twinning with Rabka-Zdrόj, Poland, followed in 2009. Unusually, all Frome’s twin towns are also twinned with one another. To find out more about Frome Twinning Association, visit https://www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/our-community/twinning/

18 June 2024
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17 June 2024
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