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Frome’s blooming twin gardens

L to R: John Corfield and Delia Goddard (The Frome Shed), Cllr Anita Collier,  Justin Worringham and Rob Martin (Frome Twinning Association) and Lead Ranger Dave Krzyzosiak.

Frome Town Council and Frome Twinning Association have teamed up with The Frome Shed to create stunning wooden lecterns to mark the three twinned gardens across the town.  The lecterns, made out of marine plywood, have been designed to celebrate the twin town that each of the gardens are dedicated to. 

Frome is twinned with three towns across Europe. Château-Gontier in France sur Mayenne, Murrhardt in Germany and Rabka-Zdròj in Poland. The garden that celebrates Murrhardt is at the top of North Parade; Château-Gontier in France sur Mayenne is celebrated by the river seating area around Jenson Button bridge; and Rabka-Zdròj garden is in Victoria Park behind the bandstand. 

Pam Curtis from The Shed coordinated the design and production of the lecterns, along with support from both the Men and Women’s Shed, with John Corfield producing the sturdy lectern structure and Delia Goddard producing the lettering.  Both Pam and Delia acquiring new skills to produce the detailed lettering and artwork.

Frome Town Council’s Twinning Councillor, Anita Collier, said: ‘We are extremely grateful to The Frome Shed for all their hard work in designing and producing the beautiful lecterns.  They will help visitors to the three twinned gardens around Frome learn more about where the gardens are twinned with and raise a greater awareness of twinning. All three gardens certainly look amazing at the moment thanks to the Rangers, with a host of colourful flowers showing off the lecterns.”

Later this month, representatives from Frome Twinning Association will be heading to Murrhardt to take place in the annual quadripartite to celebrate the twinning between the four towns.

8 July 2022
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8 July 2022
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