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Frome Town Council to go Single-Use Plastic Free

Frome Town Council is going to become a ‘single-use’ plastic-free council. Staff at the Town Hall will be phasing out the use of unrecyclable single-use plastic products in all council activities by April 2018. Councillors made the decision unanimously at the latest council meeting, on the 13th December, after it was proposed by Resilience Manager Anna Francis.

The Council will also be talking to businesses and organisations in Frome, promoting alternatives and encouraging a move towards biodegradable and paper options. Several cafes in the town are already doing a great job in paving the way, Moo and Two, Garden Cafe and the River House have agreed to phase out plastic straws, to reduce straws used and to replace plastic straws with either biodegradable or paper ones.

Councillor Peter Macfadyen said “The UK throws away 1.5 million tonnes of plastic packaging waste each year. The decision for Frome Town Council to actively move away from plastic was a no brainer. It’s a huge problem and we all need to do more to combat it individuals and organisations alike. Tiny things like straws and condiment packets all add up, and are often the worst offenders when it comes to landfill and pollution.”

There are many simple ways to cut down on plastic. Use a refillable water bottle, take re-usable bags with you when you go shopping, refuse straws when eating and drinking out, buy a reusable coffee cup, available from cafés and shops around town. On a larger scale, businesses in Frome could consider sourcing non-plastic catering equipment and packaging from suppliers. Find a list of suppliers, and much more information, here: www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/plastic-free/

22 December 2017
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22 December 2017
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