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Frome Busks takes over the town centre

On Saturday 10th March, crowds gathered across the town centre for Frome’s first ever busking competition for under 25’s. 7 acts competed: Fresher and Angel, Henry Wacey, James Harriman, Archie Ttwheam, The Frontrunners, Gwen Sutterby and Scarlett Brudenell. Despite rain in the morning, the skies cleared up for the competition, which opened at 12 with a special performance from Frome’s very own ukelele club, the Frukes.

The acts drew plenty of attention from shoppers and passers-by, each engaging the crowd in their own unique way and winning many smiles, compliments, and the occasional bit of change. These fresh young artists showed off their talent and passion for music throughout the town, playing slots in iconic Frome locations including Cheap Street, the Cheese and Grain, the Black Swan Arts, and the newly refurbished Boyle Cross area.A panel of judges comprised of Al O’Kane, Frome Town councillor and musician, Richard, owner of Frome music shop Raves from the Grave, and Olivia Dimery, drummer for the band Bad Sounds, assessed performances from each of the competing acts. Having watched each of the acts playing throughout the day, they retired for deliberation as crowds gathered in the Westway to watch a closing act from the utterly fantastic puppeteers Noisy Oyster, bringing their world famous “Plain Bob” show to Frome.Shortly after 4:30, following a long deliberation from the judges, Fresher and Angel declared the winners of the Frome Busks competion. This duo will win a gig at 23 Bath Street, Frome’s newly refurbished bar and live music venue, and a slot to perform at the Sunrise Celebration Festival. Dan Fresher and Nathan Angel are a dynamic duo that love playing music, especially acoustic and hip-hop covers, and have been described as ‘a mix between The Kooks and Michael Buble’. Those who had gathered at 23 Bath Street to hear the results were treated to a great encore performance.

All image credits go to Chris Bailey: Thank you for your supreme efforts getting images of all performers at all locations!

15 March 2018
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19 January 2021
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