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Social Media for Online Retail Businesses

10:00 am 18 March 2021
1:00 pm 18 March 2021

Part of the Eastern Somerset Business Support Week – Recover, Restart & Grow.

As a retailer, you’re most likely aware how important social media is.  An active social media presence will enhance brand awareness, trust and reputation. These elements help to increase your sales and enable you to develop a community of online advocates for your business.  But how exactly do you become successful on social media? How do you create a sustainable social media strategy? How can you be sure customers will engage and interact with your business?  

In this workshop, you’ll be taking a look at the following: 

  • How to get customers to connect with your business on social media 
  • A list of tools to help you start collecting insights about your customer base 
  • Tips to help you create your first social media strategy 
6 March 2021
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6 March 2021
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