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Resilience Practice for communities & businesses

9:30 am 8 June 2021
12:30 pm 8 June 2021

How can we make our communities & businesses more resilient? Join this course & discussion online or in-person in Frome, Somerset.

Learn about five perspectives on resilience from a business, family, community, systemic and inter-cultural point of view. Join a discussion about what we can do to build resilience into our organisations and communities, a future that is sustainable and fairer for all.

Resilience has become a buzz-word during the pandemic, and the question of how we can cope with adversity, how we can bounce back, and prepare for an uncertain future is ever more important. But what does it actually mean and what can we do about it?

The premise of this course is that a systemic approach is needed, meaning that we cannot look at building a resilient business, family or community in isolation. We cannot just look at short term shocks of the pandemic or only long-term challenges such as climate change. Community resilience will be related to the resilience of businesses (and their employees and customers) and also the way neighbourhoods, voluntary organisations, public sector bodies (such as mental health teams, the police and local councils) all pull together, take advantage of local resources and pay attention to the actions of government and the wider context.

The course aims to bring together business professionals, entrepreneurs, activists, leaders of community-based organisations, staff and councillors at local level, and members of statutory services. Besides providing some expert input, the course will allow time for facilitated discussion in small groups and action planning, with plenty of coffee breaks for informal conversations – both offline & online. The course includes contributions from Johannes Moeller, Jean Boulton, Gavin Eddy and Kate Hellard. It is run by Edventure Frome CIC, in partnership with Frome Town Council and Somerset Skills & Learning.

26 May 2021
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26 May 2021
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