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Edventure: Make (11 Nov 2019)

9:30 am 11 November 2019
12:30 pm 11 November 2019

Edventure:MakeSpend 3 weeks in a team learning to design, make and sell products made from raw materials such as metal, wood, fabric, silver and leather.

The theme of the MAKE course changes every time.  With each course you will work with a local maker and expert in their field, and have a chance to get stuck into the making and experimenting process, before coming up with products to sell at the Frome Independent Market.

Anyone aged between 19-35 can apply. You don’t need any formal qualifications or experience. We are looking for a team of people with diverse backgrounds and skills who are motivated and are up for a challenge.

Our courses run for 3 weeks on Monday-Thursday from 9.30am-2.30pm. You will also need to be available on the first Sunday of the month at the end of the course to sell your products at the Frome Independent Market.

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