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Council (18 Nov 2020)

7:00 pm 18 November 2020
10:00 pm 18 November 2020
  1. Apologies for absence, declaration of Cllrs’ interests and approval of the minutes from the last meeting on 9 September 2020
  2. Questions and comments from Cllrs and member’s of the public
  3. A verbal update from Kate Hellard, Community Development Manager, on the work of the Council during the second lockdown
  4. To approve the revised work programme and note the year end budget forecast (please zoom appendix 2 to view clearly)
  5. Update on the unitary process in Somerset
  6. To review the Council’s risk and approve the risk register

Approved minutes from the Council meeting on 18 November 2020

31 January 2020
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17 February 2021
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