Young People Frome

Young People Frome are a multigenerational initiative which values, supports and connects young people in Frome, Somerset. They build networks and conversations of creativity, equality and belonging with and for young people across Frome and Somerset.

Here are some of the projects they support….

The ARC Project is a collective of parents, friends, neighbours, educators and community organisers in Frome. They support schools to enrich the inclusive antiracist education of every child and all communities, through libraries and other resources, events, training, and conversations.

YPF work at the community level with neighbours, parents, schools and local groups to organise grass roots projects that bring people closer together.

Multicultural Frome organises a festival every year at the Cheese and Grain Venue.

To find out more information please visit their website.

25 October 2021
Last Updated
20 May 2022