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Yoga is a Journey

Yoga is a Journey offers a range of classes in Frome throughout the week including Rocket Yoga and Yoga for Cyclists.

Rocket yoga

Rocket yoga is about growth, it’s about change. It’s about lifting the energy up; strengthening the body, the mind, letting go of ambition, getting in touch with the heart of the practise which is the breathing and visiting a peaceful place inside yourself.
The modification of the Ashtanga series of sequences, it dissolves the hierarchy of Ashtanga Vinyasa, by bringing more advanced poses to beginners.

A dynamic practise, each breath linked with a movement, poses are sequenced around lifting the energy from the ground; arm balancing creates strength and a sense of fun!

Classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Friday at RISE. An online class is also held on Friday. See website for more details and times.

Yoga for Cyclists

Yoga for Cyclists classes are run in conjunction with 700 – a specialist road cycling shop in Windsor and Pronto Bikes in Frome.

It is a specifically modified version of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. This style of Yoga focuses on the relationship between breath and movement and is beneficial for all levels of cyclist, helping improve stability, core strength and balance critical for achieving a comfortable and efficient position on the bike and it will enhance your cycling enjoyment.

In addition, it teaches us to deepen and control our breathing which will help both on the bike as well as off it – helping you achieve a grounded feeling of calm.

Classes are held at Pronto Bikes on Mondays.

18 June 2021
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18 June 2021