Theatre School and Dance Academy

Tri.Art Dance Academy 

Led by Principal Amy Morgan-Bell, Tri.Art Dance Academy provides a full spectrum of both recreational and examination led classes that are uniquely designed to inspire creativity and build confidence, technique and performance skills. Through dance education and events, our established dance academy also runs and participates in a variety of activities and performances, both locally and nationally.

Tri.Art Dance Academy hosts weekly classes in Classical Ballet (RAD), ISTD Modern Jazz and Tap, Contemporary and recreational ballroom. Our pre-school and early years dance programme is open to boys and girls from the age of 2.5, and we run a full timetable for junior and senior students. We offer coaching for senior students towards higher dance education and successful auditioning for the commercial dance world.

Tri.Art Theatre School @ The Merlin

Tri.Art Theatre School offers regular workshops in drama and musical theatre for children aged 5+ throughout the year. Workshops are performance based, open to all participants, and are designed to build on individual skills, confidence and creativity.

We host 2 Full scale annual productions at Easter and in the Summer, with smaller projects in the half term breaks. These projects include working with guest directors, musical directors and choreographers. We also offer our students many opportunities to participate in workshops with, and provide curtain raisers for professional touring companies. Our students also have the chance to take part in the Arts Awards (

Tri.Art Theatre School is an associate company of the Merlin Theatre

For more information on any of our dance and theatre classes or events, and to book a place please contact us on:

Mobile: 07568323508




Last update 17 August 2016