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The Giant’s Garden

The Giant’s Garden, Innox Hill, Frome, BA11 2LX
07894 736788
Contact Name
Andrew Alden
Opening Times
Thursday 12.30pm – 4.30pm
Sunday 12.30pm – 4.30pm
Spring to Autumn (please check on Instagram for opening/events at other times)

The Giant’s Garden is a community garden at the foot of Innox Hill which prioritises young adult growing space.

Open sessions are Thursday 12.30-4.30pm and Sunday 12.30-4.30pm (Spring to Autumn)

This is an exciting project reclaiming unused land and the garden is a work in progress.

Accessibility is currently a work in progress. Please be aware that, at present, access is limited to those who are able to manage uneven paths.

Run by the Frome Pioneers, with support from the community and churches in and around Frome, the Giant’s Garden is a safe space to enjoy nature and/or garden.

19 March 2024
Last Updated
19 March 2024