The Filo Project

0333 939 8225
Opening Times
Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm

The Filo Project is an award winning not-for-profit organisation which provides small group care days for people with early to moderate dementia and/or those who are socially isolated. We provide a warm, welcoming and familiar place where friendships are made and social isolation is diminished.

Within the nurturing environment of The Filo Project, the focus is firmly on individuals’ capacities. Clients flourish, many experiencing positive changes in their symptoms and wellbeing. Families are also able to enjoy regular and extended respite.

What does a Filo Day look like?

Well it’s a day out with friends. People are able to pursue their interests and draw on what they can still do and enjoy.

The day starts in the morning with the host collecting group members one-by-one from their homes. The car journey helps people settle and gently ease into the day ahead.

‚ÄčLunch is an anchor point to the day, nourishing in more ways than one, offering an opportunity for the group to help prepare or simply gather around the table to share a meal and chat.

‚ÄčOnce assigned to a group a client attends on the same day with the same host and same group members every week. This socialising with a regular, small circle of similar companions brings a regular smile to the faces of our clients.

A Filo day runs between the hours of 10am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

We are an approved service by Somerset County Council so can offer funded places via them as well as accepting privately funded clients. Please contact us for more information.

22 January 2024
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22 January 2024