Spectrum Gaming

Spectrum Gaming is an online community for autistic young people which has three main intended outcomes:

Building Friendships – create a community where autistic young people feel comfortable and can make strong friendships in a safe way. Spectrum Gaming’s main provision is their online community, that anyone from across the UK can access.

Increasing Self-Acceptance – because of how much people misunderstand autism and the way it is diagnosed, unfortunately many autistic people hate their diagnosis or feel ashamed of being autistic. Spectrum Gaming want to make sure that as many autistic people as possible are able to accept their differences and live the happiest lives they can.

Advocacy – create a movement that will have a positive influence on society through advocacy and enable strategical change to ensure the needs of autistic young people are met across the UK. Spectrum Gaming have created a platform where young people can share their voices through content, talks and more.

For under 13s and their parents, Spectrum Gaming hosts a Discord server which enables children to connect safely through their parents, in addition to being able to communicate easily and take part in regular gaming events.

A Discord server is also set up for young people who are aged 13-17. Enabling young people to connect, play games together and take part in regular events.

Spectrum Gaming also run a Minecraft Server for autistic young people under the age of 18, with a survival world and a creative world. Some young people also run their own factions that are open for people to join.

6 May 2021
Last Updated
6 May 2021