Run Talk Run Frome

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Angie Carlin

Run Talk Run Frome is a weekly 5km gentle jog for all abilities designed to facilitate a safe space to talk about our mental health with a bunch of kind people who “get it”.

Before every run there is a window of time to meet the other participants and say hello to the Leader. It’s alright if you’re a little anxious and quiet – everyone in the community will ‘get it’. The leader then explains the logistics of the route (reminding the group that the run is gentle and that there is no pressure to “keep up”).

You don’t need to be fast, the group runs as a pack at a speed that keeps everyone together… it’s ok to walk a bit! The main purpose of the meetups is support…a safe space to talk about how you’re really doing.

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26 May 2021
Last Updated
28 April 2022