Rosie Glow Yoga

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Rosie Glow Yoga offers yoga and mindfulness classes for kids, teens and adults.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Building strength, balance and co-ordination skills through games and challenges, partner work & relaxation stories.

Yoga for Teens

A class designed specially for teens… A relaxed, non pressured environment filled with mindfulness games, yoga flow and partner work. The classes end with a deep relaxation session. Suitable for ages 13 – 19, all abilities.

Yoga for Health

Restorative Yoga is all about self care. Moving away from the frustrations of living with pain, fatigue, stress or anxiety & towards reconnecting our mind & body’s relationship.

Explore gentle asanas (poses) to help ease pain and stiffness, relaxing mindfulness exercises and simple self massage techniques to take into your daily life, continuing the healing after the class is over.

19 January 2023
Last Updated
19 October 2023