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Re-Stack Pilates

Rise, Whittox Lane, BA11 3BY

Re-Stack Pilates offers mum and baby pilates as well as short online sessions.

Mum & Baby Pilates: Mondays 1pm-2pm, RISE
This class is aimed at new mums and designed to assist with regaining core strength, improving overall muscle tone as well as stretching tight muscles and increasing flexibility – the focus is on the mums but classes are adapted to ensure the babies get plenty of attention too.

Post ‘xxx’ Pilates: Tuesdays 8.15pm-9pm online
A short and sweet class to take from the comfort of home for those who do not have time to get on their mat before 8pm. Expect lots of core work alongside juicy stretches and a short relaxation session at the end; suitable for all levels.

16 June 2022
Last Updated
16 June 2022