Puffins Nursery

Farley Dell, Coleford, BA3 5PN
01373 812557

Puffins Nursery is part of Bishop Henderson Primary School. They are situated in the Early Years area of the school site and provide a secure and nurturing environment for all children. They strive to offer exciting experiences for young children to help them play and learn.

The Nursery is homely and well equipped with a range of toys and resources. They have a spacious outdoor garden which they use everyday no matter the weather, and wild area for Forest Skills sessions.

They offer high quality child care and education for children from 2 years old. The Nursery is staffed by a Nursery Manager, fully qualified teachers with specialist nursery training and qualified nursery nurses who are trained in the development and education of children from birth to seven years of age.

3 October 2022
Last Updated
3 October 2022