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RISE, Whittox Lane, Frome BA11 3BY, UK
01373 454099

OpenStoryTellers is a community arts charity supporting people with learning disabilities and autism. Their aim is to help people to find their voice and use it. Because stories are what make us human.

Day Services

OpenStoryTellers’ day services help people to build communication skills, confidence, independence and to develop work skills and new friendships. Members work towards personal goals and outcomes. They currently have two day services – Storytelling Group and All Join In.

Get Connected

A relaxed session where you can stay for as little or as long as you like. You can hang out with friends, use computers, join in with crafts cooking and gardening. Find out about what is happening in the local community and take part.

Wellbeing Group

Openstorytellers run a wellbeing Group for people with learning disabilities and autism aged 16+ every Tuesday morning from 11.30am-12.30pm at RISE.

The group explores healthy eating, gentle exercise, yoga, aromatherapy, creative writing and more!

Spaces are limited, so please get in touch if you’d like to book a place for someone – 01373 454099 / info@openstorytellers.org.uk

Sensory Book Club

Bringing classic stories to life for people with learning disabilities and complex needs. With props, music, drama, tastes and smells, taking you on an exciting journey through the story.

The Sensory Book Clubs are a fantastic social and cultural opportunity for people with complex needs.

Speak Up

Our Voice Frome is a speak up group where people can share their thoughts and feelings about issues that are important. Our Voice Frome feeds back to the Learning Disability Partnership Board in Somerset, so that voices are heard at county level.

Courses and Workshops

OpenStoryTellers run courses on Friendship, Money Management and Life Skills and develop new courses based on what their members need. They also work with artists who run different workshops at their Get Connected sessions.

They often run creative projects for young people during school holidays too.

For more information about any of their activities please email info@openstorytellers.org.uk or call 01373 454099.

6 April 2020
Last Updated
15 May 2023