Mojo Moves


Mojo Moves is an 80s style feel good workout which combines comedy with proper dance aerobics. Classes are led by larger-than-life character and trained fitness instructor Cheryl Sprinkler (occasionally joined by her muse Tony DiMonté) complete with neon leotard, legwarmers, perm & oversized specs. She is funny and sassy and radiates so much energy and love that it’s hard not to become infected with positivity but not in an overbearing or sickly way.

You can rediscover a joy and playfulness that you may not have felt for years as you dance unselfconsciously (through multiple genres in the style of an eager backing dancer) and laugh your way through the sessions.

​Mojo Moves believes that any health programme should start from the top and that means your mental health is imperative. 

It’s no good being super fit but completely highly strung, or a perfect 10 but relying on anti-depressants to get through the day. Mojo Moves is all about getting your mojo back.

Life can throw us stressful, frightening and difficult situations and now more than ever, we need to maintain good mental health, strength and resilience to enable us to cope.

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27 May 2021
Last Updated
27 May 2021