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Remakery:Frome, The Welsh Mill Hub, Frome, BA11 2LE
07434 667373

MAKE:SHED provides a regular open workshop space for people in the Frome area aged 18-35(ish) for practical and creative projects, either developed individually with or without support or collectively for yourselves or for the community. This is an inclusive space with an ethos of mutual support and community.

The ‘SHED’ movement goes back to the 1980’s – ‘similar to garden sheds, [they’re] a place to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending. ‘

What differs the SHED movement from a garden shed is that rather than working in solitude, we are allowed to work with people or at least around people – with access to support if needed or even just with company for a cuppa.

The MAKE:SHED in Frome is somewhat stood on the shoulders of the already extant Frome SHED – The Frome SHED has 2 factions – it began as a Men’s SHED but lo… there were Women. Thus was born the Women’s SHED. The Frome SHED is aimed at over 50 but is open to anyone over the age of 18.

The MAKE:SHED is specifically aiming to engage the missing demographic to provide them their own space but also to allow them to network with the active Frome SHED.

MAKE:Shed meets on Thursdays 6pm-9pm at the Welsh Mill Hub.

Visit the Edventure website or email for more information.

15 July 2021
Last Updated
18 May 2023