Health Connections Mendip

Health Connections Mendip supports people to connect to community activities and supportive networks, which can improve their health and wellbeing.

What support does Health Connections Mendip offer?

Health Connections Mendip offers different levels of support to local people:

The Mendip Directory

A source of information about local charities, social groups and support in the community.

Community Connectors

Community Connectors help friends, family, colleagues and neighbours find support in their communities by signposting to local support. Find out more about becoming a Community Connector below.


Health Connections Mendip run a number of groups that help people meet others, set health goals and manage long term health issues.

Health Connectors

Health Connectors offer free one to one support to people, giving information on local support and working to assist people in setting health related goals and supporting them to make sustainable changes.


Health Connections Mendip and Frome Medical Practice put on conferences where they share the Frome Model of Enhanced Primary Care.

Find out more about becoming a Community Connector….

Health Connections Mendip trains members of local communities to become Community Connectors, who are then able to signpost friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to find support in their communities. Community Connectors help people get health support, as well as advice on things like housing, education and debt advice, simply by signposting them to what’s available.

All Community Connectors get locally tailored training and are part of the overall Health Connections Mendip service.

Anyone can become a Community Connector. If you’re interested in finding out what’s available in your community and would like to pass it on to your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues then you could join the hundreds of other people who already undertake this role. The training lasts a couple of hours and is open to anyone.

Find and book for the next Community Connector training date.

For more information on becoming a Community Connector and going along to one of the training sessions please contact Community Connector Co-ordinator Julie Carey-Downes.

Last updated 27 February 2020