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Laura-Jane is a nutritional and well-being therapist for adults, adolescents and children and an adult and children’s yoga teacher. She offers a range of wellbeing services including children’s yoga, guiding light therapy for children and adolescents and meditation and yoga classes.

Children’s yoga boosts the immune system reducing the frequency of coughs and colds and other childhood ailments. Children are motivated and energised through the enjoyment of storytelling and memory games, combined with child focused yoga postures, relaxation and breathing techniques.

The holistic guiding light therapy is for children and adolescents with ADHD, behavioural issues, stress or anger issues, for those who are coping with illness or disability or for those coming to terms with loss or who are grieving. The guiding light aims to promote confidence and self-esteem, calmness and wellness, self-control, emotional and mindful well-being, self-acceptance and self-love and happiness.

22 April 2021
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3 June 2021