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Gina Seilern – Nonviolent Communication

Gina Seilern is a trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), teaching workshops, 1-1 sessions and tailored trainings for groups.

NVC (created by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD.) is a simple and powerful tool, rooted in radical honesty and a deep quality of empathy, which aims to connect human beings to their common humanity. It provides clear and accessible tools for connecting with ourselves, and relating to each-other with compassion. It teaches us to connect to the true and loveable essence behind another’s message (no matter how it is expressed), and to express ourselves honestly, beyond our judgments of ourselves or others.

NVC is widely used around the globe as a tool for conflict resolution, mediation, personal development, therapy, coaching and team-building, among others. It is successfully used in organisations, schools, families, justice systems, prisons, and relationships in a myriad of everyday life situations.

12 April 2022
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12 April 2022