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Gardening Together

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Kieran Hayes Saunders

Gardening Together is a non-profit that connects people who need land to grow in and those community minded garden owners who have the space to share. Both committing to a full growing season. They offer an alternative to long allotment waiting lists by establishing a private agreement between community minded people.

They have two ways for you to get gardening, “Share Your Garden” connecting community-minded garden owners with aspiring gardeners to share gardening spaces and knowledge.

And the all new “Frome Pop-Up Allotments” giving landowners the ability to contribute to the community by offering their land for vibrant pop up allotments where people have a plot for a minimum of one year.

Let’s work together to make our communities stronger and more resilient by growing together in a shared garden.

12 April 2023
Last Updated
20 September 2023