Frome Writers’ Collective

Frome Writers’ Collective (FWC) is a not-for-profit initiative which aims to help local writers by providing an accessible network for writers of all genres, sharing resources, providing information about different aspects of writing and publishing and running writers’ projects and events.

Membership is open to all writers who live in the Frome area and who are willing to participate as active members of the Frome Writers’ Collective (FWC). All the trustees are writers in their own right and all work voluntarily to support other writers and each other.

They ask that all new members are happy to join in with some (or all!) of the events and activities planned and to contribute £15 a year towards the cost of these, as well as towards the running of the FWC website. The aim is to help writers write and get published – and to have fun along the way.

9 July 2014
Last Updated
3 June 2021