Frome Town Rotary

Frome Town Rotary Club was set up six years ago and currently has 39 members. We were originally set up as a social group, with not much money, but a willingness to lend ourselves out to local schools, charities and organisations to do whatever was needed. For example, we have painted Harry’s Hydro inside and out, refurbished the foyer at the Merlin Theatre and painted school fences and gates. We help and support many local events such as the Children’s Festival, Frome Cheese Show, Drone Show and the Father Christmas float.

On the social side, we walk, go to the pub, play skittles, croquet, eat out and just generally enjoy each other’s company. Not everything we do costs money, we’ve had picnics in the park (and played games), litter picked with the Council and recently had a great evening blind tasting and scoring different foods and drinks.

24 May 2024
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24 May 2024