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Frome Learning Partnership – Family Support

Frome Learning Partnership; Family Support

Frome Learning Partnership’s Parent and Family Support Advisors (PFSAs) and Family Support Practitioners (FSPs) work across schools in Frome to offer support and guidance for you and your family on various issues such as;

  • parenting challenges
  • emotional wellbeing
  • family issues
  • school attendance
  • behavioural issues

PFSAs and FSPs can also direct you to other services or professionals which may be useful.  The team work closely with children, young people, their family, and schools. 

Everyone will need to agree what the purpose of the work will be. It is essential that parents and young people consent to working with us.

To access our service, school’s need to complete a referral form which will give us the family contact details and, highlights the needs so we can look at what support is best. If you are interested in having support from our team, please speak to your child’s school. 

28 May 2021
Last Updated
28 May 2021