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Janie Godfrey

Frome Bowen Clinic, practices the Bowen Technique a therapy firmly rooted in human anatomy and physiology.  The gentle, light touch of the Bowen treatment typically ‘un-blocks’ the repair and recovery process, gently stimulating and assisting the body to use its own built-in resources to recover, repair, restore, balance, integrate or realign itself.

Pain relief and recovery of energy are common responses to Bowen. People consistently find the experience of a treatment to be exceptionally relaxing. 

Bowen can be effective in helping to relieve aches and pains from injuries, accidents, strain, overuse and sports injuries as well as helping to relieve stress, anxiety, poor sleep, migraine, headache, sinuses, asthma, hayfever, eczema and CFS, ME, IBS and PMS.

The Bowen technique is also suitable for babies’ and children’s problems.

26 January 2023
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26 January 2023