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Everyone Needs Pockets

Everyone Needs Pockets is a local clothing and textile network which aims to support Frome in becoming a sustainable textile town through informing, skills sharing and raising awareness of ethical clothing and textile use.

They are a group of makers and researchers who make, stitch, knit, weave, repair, repurpose and remake and research local and global textile sustainability issues.

What they’re about:

  • Textile reuse and repair 
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Raising awareness of the harm of the clothing and textile industry and textile waste
  • Mental health and wellbeing by making and repurposing textiles
  • Gathering as a social and sharing network
  • Creating connections and solutions
  • Support individual and group ideas and projects

They usually meet on the second or third Friday of the month at Future Shed. Please book in so they know you’re coming!

15 May 2023
Last Updated
18 May 2023