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Everyone Needs Pockets

Opening Times
Network meetup – 2nd Friday of each month at the Edventure Hub

Everyone Needs Pockets is a local clothing and textile network which aims to support Frome in becoming a sustainable textile town through informing, skills sharing and raising awareness of ethical clothing and textile use.

They are a group of makers and researchers who make, stitch, knit, weave, repair, repurpose and remake and research local and global textile sustainability issues.

What they’re about:

  • Textile reuse and repair 
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Raising awareness of the harm of the clothing and textile industry and textile waste
  • Mental health and wellbeing by making and repurposing textiles
  • Gathering as a social and sharing network
  • Creating connections and solutions
  • Support individual and group ideas and projects

15 May 2023
Last Updated
19 March 2024