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Escapeline is a charity committed to the prevention of the criminal and sexual exploitation of young people by gangs across South West England. For years, thousands of children have been exploited through the practice of County Lines, in which highly organised urban gangs take over provincial drugs markets. County Line gangs are increasing their operations to recruit local youngsters from small towns rather than the big cities and South West England has been particularly targeted.

Escapeline help young people to stay safe by educating them about how child exploitation and grooming works in their local area and teaching them protective strategies.

We strengthen community knowledge of child exploitation by running awareness-raising campaigns and we help the families of exploited young people, and those at risk of exploitation, through non- judgemental support and mentoring. Much of our work is conducted in schools and we also work alongside the police and local authorities, taking their referrals to support the children identified as most at risk of exploitation. As part of our legacy, we also train professionals in the signs and stages of child criminal exploitation, in order that they are better equipped to protect children in their care.

15 February 2024
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15 February 2024