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Daines Atelier

Daines Atelier creates handmade clothing from vintage textiles. Their upcycled fashion are known to be one-off and on the rare occasion a limited run dependent on fabric availability.

Founded by Evie Daines, the journey began from her childhood love for antiques shops and vintage clothing. She was particularly a fan of the 1980’s new romanticism movement, which was influenced by 70s glam rock, 1930s cabaret, Charles I and the French Incroyables.

Collecting a range of vintage fabrics, typically remnants and small off-cuts, led to exploring new ways of working with materials which still had a second lease of life. Previously trained at The University for the Creative Arts studying tailoring and couture sewing. Evie was able to adapt these skills in a more contemporary and sustainable manner.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter on the planet, with the creation of new textiles accounting for 85% of it. By taking a more circular and sustainable approach to fashion, upcycling is the way forward to reduce the industries carbon footprint.

17 May 2023
Last Updated
17 May 2023