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Cyclists Touring Club

Market Yard, Justice Lane, BA11 1BE
07769 330313

Frome’s Cyclists Touring Club rides each Sunday morning, starting from outside the Cheese & Grain at 9am and aiming to return by lunchtime or early afternoon.

They have two groups that leave the Cheese and Grain, a 9am group that cycles at a steady pace (average 12mph) and a 9.15am group that cycles at a slightly quicker pace (averages 16mph).

They average between 10-15 riders per week of varying ages and abilities, and normally ride between 30 / 35 miles at an easy pace.

As their nickname suggests (CTC – Coffee and Tea-Cake Club) the most important part of the Sunday morning ride is the 11am stop, where the group rests, chat and part-take in the drinking of tea or coffee and the eating of tea cakes or something similar!  They insist it must be highly calorific!

8 April 2014
Last Updated
1 July 2021