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Changes to trading in the Mendip district area

Mendip District Council has recently implemented street trading controls, meaning that if a person or business wishes to sell something on a ‘street’ in the district area, they will need the consent of the District Council prior to doing so. The Council has adopted a Street Trading Policy to explain how they intend to administer and enforce this new policy. You can view this here: http://www.mendip.gov.uk/streettrading  The scheme has been in force since 5 December 2016.

If anyone wished to trade on the street, then they must get consent from the District Council. Please see their trading policy here:  Street Trading Policy [778kb]).

To get the consent of the District Council to trade, you must submit a completed  application form [273kb], pay the  application fee [100kb] and satisfy all relevant set requirements. There is also a  Public Notice [180kb] to be displayed at the site. The application form includes guidance on the process for applicants and those who have an interest in an application. The policy and guidance tell applicants the minimum amount of time they must allow for the District Council to process an application.

See further details of this street trading policy here:http://www.mendip.gov.uk/licensingconsultation 

3 January 2017
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19 January 2021
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