Breaking the Mould – Frome Town Council’s Conference

Frome Town Council's one day conference, Breaking the Mould, will take place on 12th April. interactive workshops, discussion panels, informal get togethers and learning opportunities

1 Day Conference

12th April 2018, Frome Town Hall

On 12th April Frome Town Council hosted a special one day conference for councillors and staff to come together to immerse ourselves in topics which fox us all. We are calling it “Breaking the Mould”.

The conference had a format of interactive workshops, discussion panels, informal get togethers and learning opportunities. The day will was videoed and written up, with extensive notes on all panel topics and we hope that it will be the start of a new way of sharing good practise. On the evening of 12th April there was a free fringe event centred around Local Democracy.

“Lots of larger parish and town councils have been achieving exciting and innovative outcomes over the last few years, intentionally breaking the mould. However the opportunities to share and discuss have been limited. Sometimes we are constrained by the fact that we don’t know whether what we propose is doable, sustainable or even legal. What is obvious is that we have a crucial role to play into an uncertain future.” Councillor Mel Usher

“So if you want to hear and engage with your peers (and experts) from a variety of backgrounds on subjects like working with communities, alternative financing, resilience, communications and social media, working with local businesses and running meetings differently then look out for more details coming your way soon.”

£99 including Lunch & How to Notes.

View the notes on our Breaking the Mould website

“If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you’ve always got”  – Mark Twain