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Book your 2024 street party by 25th April

Frome Town Council is urging anyone who is planning a street party in 2024 to set their date and time and send it to FTC by Thursday 25th April. The deadline has been set to enable FTC to include local street parties in its main road closure application to Somerset Council, to avoid a £200 charge being applied to each closure.

Selwood Street party

Cllr Anne Hills said “Frome just loves a street party. As always, FTC want to support the people who make these wonderful events happen. Our website has lots of information and support to make your party a success, but changes at Somerset Council mean that arranging a road closure for your party is no longer free and a charge of £200 applies. Thankfully, the county council have agreed that we can include your parties in a single application. That means no charge for your road closure – but a fairly short time to decide the date, time and location. So we encourage you to meet with your neighbours or your community group and decide on your party date by 25th April!”

To book any road closures required for your street party, email info@frometowncouncil.gov.uk with the subject heading ‘Street Party’ by 25th April with the date, time and location of your planned street party, and a Google Maps or screen grab/photo of the street you need to close. You will need to provide a risk assessment and public liability insurance nearer the time, but this will be requested at a later date.

Information and tips about running a street party can be found on the FTC website at https://bit.ly/frome-street-parties

16 April 2024
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16 April 2024
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