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Autumn days with the Wild Bunch

Hedgehog House built by the Town Rangers

With autumn now on a firm footing, the Wild Bunchers are looking at areas that need attention during the colder, darker months that will help preserve wildlife and set the scene ready for spring.

Hannah Stopford, a member of the Wild Bunch said: “Just because it’s colder outside, it doesn’t mean there’s not a heap of activity we can carry out in our gardens and in our streets to help freshen up after summer and preserve wildlife and biodiversity right through the winter months. The Wild Bunch meetings are a great way to meet people and protect our wildlife neighbours; the gang meet once a month on the third Thursday and everyone is welcome.”

Following on the success from their activities such as bat box building and pond dipping in Great Big Green Week, the Wild Bunch are keen for more wildlife enthusiasts to get involved with their autumn programme. This month the team will be focusing on all things hedgehogs and what we can do in our gardens to support them. They’ll be looking at hedgehog hibernation boxes, their feeding needs, hedgehog highways and how we can protect them, especially during bonfire night season. There will also be a balanced and insightful conversation all about slugs: enemy to some, source of fascination to others!

The Wild Bunch meet on the third Thursday of every month, from 1:30-2:30pm at either the Town Hall or online. It’s free to attend, just book your space here.

Coming up in November the Wild Bunch will be looking at compost and pond maintenance and in December they will be getting festive and crafty by making a Christmas gift for the wildlife in your garden. For more information about the Wild Bunch and to sign up to their newsletter, head over to their page.

5 October 2022
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11 October 2022
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