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A new lease of life for your device

Cllr Anne Hills is calling on the community to bring unwanted digital devices to a forthcoming tech amnesty at Frome Town Hall on Sunday 28th January. Hosts Donate IT will collect devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and consoles, wipe all personal data and refurbish them, before distributing to people in need. Colleagues from Somerset-based project Fixy will also be on hand to advice about fixing, repurposing and recycling electronics.

Cllr Anne Hills said “We’ve been surprised and pleased by the success of previous tech amnesty events at the town hall and we’re hoping this one will be particularly well attended, as so many people receive new digital items for Christmas. If you’re one of them, why not ‘pay it forward’ and offer your old device to help someone – you could transform someone’s life.”

“Donate IT work across Somerset, handing out refurbished devices that facilitate access to services, bill payments, information about events, or simply friendship and connection. People affected by digital exclusion can find themselves outside systems that many of us take for granted: your generosity could make a real difference to a stranger. Lots of unwanted digital devices end up forgotten in drawers – or worse still in landfill. All devices you donate to the tech amnesty will find new owners, or if that isn’t possible, they will be responsibly disposed of, so the precious metals and components can be recycled. Please join us on Sunday 28th January between 10am and 1pm to donate your devices.”

The Donate IT tech amnesty takes place in the car park at Frome Town Hall on Sunday 28th January, between 10am and 1pm. In the event of bad weather the amnesty will move indoors and the new location will be signposted. 

16 January 2024
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24 January 2024
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