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12 ways for Somerset farmers to win grants

New hedgerow planted at Horner Farm, Porlock Vale, Somerset.
New hedgerow planted at Horner Farm, Porlock Vale.

Somerset Rivers Authority are inviting farmers to bid in Somerset’s biggest ever auction for works to reduce flooding, boost agriculture and improve the environment.

The auction will run online from Monday 1 March to Monday 15 March at www.somerset.naturebid.org.uk

The event is being organised by the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest (FWAG SW) for Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) and Bristol Water.

Cllr David Hall, Chair of Somerset Rivers Authority, said: “This will be our fourth online auction and this year farmers are being offered a choice of up to 12 different measures, more than ever before.

“The aim is to help slow the flow of water down to vulnerable areas while delivering other benefits. Moves like grassland slitting and subsoiling, for example, don’t just aerate the ground and let more rain filter in, they also improve the soil.

“So farmers are being asked to think about win-wins. If there are simple things that can be done that benefit everyone, grants may be available.”

How it works

The online system works by letting farmers pinpoint places on their land where they believe selected activities would get good results, then they bid for funding. After the auction closes, bids get checked by FWAG SW. Grants from the SRA and Bristol Water are given to the best, most competitively-priced ideas.

Matt Pitts, Catchment Strategy Manager at Bristol Water, said: “Collaborating with farmers, Somerset Rivers Authority and FWAG SW makes perfect sense. By working together, we can make a much more impactful positive contribution to the local environment. If we can keep water cleaner naturally at source, then there’s the potential for a real benefit to not only wildlife, but in reducing the intensive water treatment process.

The 12 activities

The 12 natural flood management (NFM) measures for which grants will be given this year are: Grassland subsoiling, Grassland slitting, Maize management, Hedge planting, Hedge planting on banks, Lines of tree planting, Leaky dams, Buffers to intercept run-off, Winter cover crops, Grass swales, Filter fences and – only available in the Bristol Water areas – watercourse fencing to help improve water quality and livestock’s safety.

You can read more and how to apply on the Somerset Rivers Authority website.

23 February 2021
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23 February 2021
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