The People’s Budget – Town Vote

The People’s Budget is about local people voting to make direct decisions about how local public budgets are spent. £10,000 of the Council’s 2018/2019 budget has been made available for a project to be decided on by the Town Vote.

These projects are:

A Town Orchard

Scrumping to be encouraged! The orchard will look beautiful and provide food for humans and wildlife alike.

  • It would comprise a large range of local varieties of fruit tree, seating areas and a central pergola or structure
  • The orchard will provide free fruit for crumbles, pies, juices and ciders
  • Trees and fruit are also good for local wildlife
  • The orchard will also help to relieve drainage issues on the site and enhance biodiversity
  • £10 K would provide a good size orchard and all the infrastructure to make an excellent community resource

A Dog Poo Powered Light

Aimed at encouraging all owners to pick up after their dog while highlighting the potential of alternative power

  • The bio-digester uses dog poo in compostable bags to generate gas and light a methane powered street lamp
  • It will incentivise people to pick up after their dogs and raises the profile of carbon free energy sources
  • The lamp also produces liquid fertiliser
  • 10 bags of poo can generate 2 hours of light
  • £10 k covers unit (which could take 15kg of poo a day) and installation


A Giant Waterslide

This one day event would take over one of the hills in Frome. Lucky ticket winners will get soaked – guaranteed!

  • A waterslide would be installed for a day on one of Frome’s hilly streets.
  • Based on Luke Jerram’s ‘Park and Stride’ it allows people to reclaim the streets from cars for a day with a fun event
  • Tickets to slide will be by ballot with up to 240 tickets being issued
  • The event will be free and used to launch the You’re Welcome Scheme – combining the current community toilet scheme and a new water bottle refill scheme

How to Vote

You must be a Frome resident and over 10 years old to vote on the People’s Panel – Town Vote. Fill in the survey below, or come in to the Town Hall and vote in person.

In order to get a positive, representative result we’re running a single transferable vote. This means that you’ll be asked to choose a first and a second preference project. If no one project has a majority of first choice votes the votes for the project with the fewest votes will be reallocated to their second preference. Therefore, we get a project backed by the majority of voters.

Voting is open from April 4th 2018 until May 3rd 2018

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