The People’s Budget – Events

Peoples Budget: Events launched again this year again after a successful series of events delivered from the PB vote in March 2017.

A panel of local residents was once again asked to vote on events pitched to them in March by local community groups. Local not for profit groups pitched for up to £10000 of £25000 available for events over the coming year in Frome.

Events were narrowed down to a list of six:

  • Black Swan – Frome Window Wanderland 2019
  • Frome Town Rotary – Frome Fireworks
  • Frukes – Frome Ukulele Festival
  • Home in Frome – Light the Night – Frome Lantern Procession
  • Rare Species – Free Fitness for All
  • Show of Strength Theatre Company – Trading Local

And the winners were…

Light the Night Lantern Procession came in pole position, followed by Frome Fireworks, Window Wanderland and finally Free Fitness for All. These 4 projects will get the funding they asked for, and the events will take place in Frome within 12 months.

2017 saw successful pitches events from seven very worthy projects that received funding from £500 to £10000.  The projects, which have been well spread through out the year were the School Travel Challenge, Fair housing for Frome, Cycle Powered Cinema, The Big Disability Diversity Day, Word Up! Frome FM Party in the Park, and finally the Christmas Lantern Procession.

How it works

Do you have a good idea for an event?

The People’s Budget: Events funds community events pitched by local not for profit groups. These are voted on by a panel of residents of up to 200 people, with anyone over the age of 10 invited to participate.

Event applications

The criteria for events is as follows: PB T&Cs 18

Groups pitching events must fill in the following application form: and complete the following application form PB Events Application Form 18

Then return the completed application form to by 10am on Monday 22nd January 2018.

Voting Panel

Anyone over the age of 10 can apply to be on the panel, under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Voters must live in Frome and be able to come and to the People’s Budget Voting Day. Here the panel will listen to the pitches from the community groups and vote on each project.  Lunch is then offered and residents are invited to stay to hear the results.

Why are we doing this?