Neighbourhood plan referendum

Frome Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – Thursday 20th October 2016


The Frome Neighbourhood plan establishes general planning policies for the development and use of land in a Frome. Once in place, it will become part of the local development plan for the area, and the policies and proposals contained within it will be used by Mendip District Council in determining planning applications.

The Frome Neighbourhood Plan was prepared by Frome Town Council in consultation with residents and community organisations in the town.

The Frome Neighbourhood can be viewed in full here: Neighbourhood Plan-01-Final version Low Res 29 07 16 100dpi (1)

Below is a summary of all the sections.

Vision & Core Objectives


There are three overriding themes throughout the plan, Vitality, Participation and Sustainability all with the aim of achieving sustainable development. To provide clarity and policy guidance on future development, the Council is proposing to adopt an overarching sustainable development objective based on One Planet Living as defined by Bioregional and Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).




Self Build & Community Housing








The key objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan are:-

  • To support the delivery of housing to meet the demand of a growing population
  • To ensure new housing is available, appropriate and accessible to people of all ages and circumstances to maintain a balanced and diverse population
  • To encourage good urban design that contributes positively to the fabric of the Town and to prevent further proliferation of estate housing
  • To permit community development to take place on suitable exception sites providing long term affordability is secured

Protection of Employment Land









The key objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan are:-

  • To meet the Local Plan target of creating a further 2700 new jobs
  • To provide a range of land, buildings and employment facilities for start-up and grow- on businesses
  • To protect ‘Valuable Employment Sites’ from redevelopment other than for employment uses
  • To promote Frome as a Town that supports enterprise, innovation, and ideas.
  • To promote energy efficiency and renewable energy generation and encourage compliance     with BREEAM excellent rating
  • To reduce the environmental impact of travel to work by identifying options for getting to work other than by car

Town Centre remodelling









The key objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan are:-

  • To make the town centre a more pedestrian-friendly environment whilst allowing traffic to continue to flow through it
  • To support independent retailing (including the successful street markets) to enable people to source local produce and to encourage visitors to the town
  • To broaden the comparison retail offer of the town centre through sensitive new development that complements the existing offer
  • To make the main visitor car parks more attractive in terms of tree planting, public realm and the ability for drivers to pay on departure
  • To encourage greater evening activity including restaurants, clubs, and hotel   accommodation
  • To provide suitable facilities for new businesses to be incubated and grown in the town centre to
  • encourage greater local job creation and support creative industries such as art, media, technology, design, food, etc.
  • To support sustainable living with opportunities for homeworking, cycle storage, access to local shops, cafés, public services and public transport

River Corridor and Public Open Space Enhancement and Protection









The key objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan are:-

  • To ensure the green infrastructure associated with the Frome River Corridor is maintained and enhanced, for benefit of people and wildlife
  • To improve access in a way compatible with protecting the river environment, that will enable residents to walk or cycle in relative peace and safety through the town
  • To protect natural landscapes and prevent development of public open space
  • To provide informal recreation areas
  • To provide additional sports and leisure facilities to meet local needs
  • To promote use of parks, open spaces and allotments
  • To manage public open space in a sustainable manner to protect and enhance wildlife habitats and biodiversity

Integrated Transport Strategy









The key objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan are:-

  • To give priority in the Town Centre to pedestrians and cyclists
  • To improve air quality in the Town Centre
  • To open up the River Corridor for cross-town cycle and pedestrian access.
  • To improve the environment around Frome rail station and access to the Town Centre, as identified in the Frome Town Design Statement
  • To provide better information for visitors
  • To promote an effective transport hub with bus, train, coach, cycle, and taxi links
  • To identify a safe area for coaches to drop off and collect passengers.
  • To complete the Cycle network providing links to Bradford on Avon, Bath and Bristol

For further information on any aspect of the Neighbourhood Plan, please contact

Jane Llewellyn, Planning & Development Officer

01373 475578